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Rochester Carburetors are (variously) the products of Rochester Products Division, General Motors and Magnetti Marelli (Weber U.S.A.).

For years Rochester carburetors have earned a reputation for reliability and durability. However, EFI has rendered carburetion obsolete (from an OEM point of veiw).

Lets face it; you are here because there just ain't no information, technical or otherwise on the internet about any Rochester carburetors.
Karl has decided to create such a place.
Anyone who believes they need any information about Rochester carburetors should invest in the Doug Roe book "Rochester Carburetors" from HP Books!! A valuable resource.

Some data found on these "pages" may be inaccurate. Neither Karl, Rochester Product Division,
Magnetti Marelli, Weber USA,or GM are liable for any damages resulting from any use or misuse
of any information found on this website.
Consider yourselves warned.

This is the 2-Jet in Karl's 1965 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. Karl rebuilt it and could have done a better job the first time. That is a large part of the motivation for this site!

Air horn mutilation due to previous owner.
Inlet fitting and fuel line by Karl's hand.

Still March 2000

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Karl's Qjet pix!

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A mini-FAQ is here now.
In the same sprit with which the Qjet disassembly pix went up, the FAQ will be started
with a "choke"/"idle" section based on a recent carb question that was answered quite thoroughly.

Rochester Carburetor FAQ

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How To Decode Your Rochester Carburetor!

Some Common Problems with Rochester Carburetors!

A brief listing of Rochester Application Codes!

Rochester images & links to more!
Karl thanks those who have submitted and allowed Rochester links!
Carburetor Pix!

Websurfing gearheads unite!
Post your carb problems!

Rochester Carburetor Links!

Karl takes no responsibility for the contents of the following sites,
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Karl has placed these links as possible sources of further information.

Highly recommended: The Performance Professor!
Lectures on tech that performance AND economy-minded gearheads should know!

Sparky's Qjet Service
Get more Spark in your Quadrajet! Carbs Unlimited
A good site with exploded diagram of a 4MV!

Specialized Investments


Q-Jets from Brother's Automotive

Edelbrock's Q-Jets

The Carburetor Works

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