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This page is a listing of all the useful links I have found over the past few months of searching for information. I am working on compiling all that I have learned and hope to produce a complete reference on rebuilding and modifying quadrajet carburetors in the near future. Nov 2003

If you find any of this infomation useful then please share the link with others. If you have something to add then email florida4x4.at.florida4x4.dot.com and I'll add it to the list. Mar 2007

07.29.07 NOTE that if I have mirrored content that you do own and do not wish me to publish, contact me and I will remove it!

NEW Link 2021

Yeah, I'm still around. Good Lord saved me a couple times since last post.
Rochester Instruction Sheet
Off Vehicle Service M4MC, M4MCA, M4MEA
This page would not be complete without linking to Crankshaft Colitions page on rebuilding ....
How to rebuild a Rochester Quadrajet 4MV carburetor
Here's a pretty decent writeup of why you drill and how you do it. So take that emissions carb and make it work with your fat cam.i
Quadrajet Idle Tube Modifications

NEW Links 2017

Messing around with Holley's on my 72 Nova has me thinking carbs again. EFI is nice but carbs are great! Thought I'd post this recent find on seconary theory and modification.

Q Jet Secondary

NEW Links 2016

I'm not doing much with q-jets these days but every once in a while I find something interesting... enjoy!

Small parts supplier for many carburetors including the q-jet.
Some interesting information on adjusting your q-jet APT, etc.

Local Files

These files are here for you to download and study at your own pace.
UPDATED 04.13.11Quadrajet Tuning Paper
ADDED 04.13.11Commercially Rebuilt Quadrajet Problems
ADDED 04.13.11Quadrajet Problems
Edelbrock 1910 Tuning Manual *UPDATED 05.12.08* The calibration chart on page 28 is now correct!
Edelbrock 1910 Installation Manual *NEW*
Quadrajet Tuning Notes
Quadrajet Troubleshooting
Quadrajet Tuning
Quadrajet Rods
Jet Change Chart (ms-exel)
Jet Change Chart (PDF file of ms-exel file)

These sites have died so I'm glad I mirrored 'em ;-)

Oops well maybe they are not all mirrored but I got what I could.
DIY Throttle Shaft Bushings.
Rebuilding and adjusting the Quadra-Jet Carburetor.
Quadrajet Tech
Well Plugs
Quality Quadrajets
Unofficial Rochester Carburetor Web Site

New Links

01.13.16 - Quadrajet: The Rodney Dangerfield of Carburetors
08.28.12- HowTO Wiki
DIY Throttle Shaft Bushings.
Rebuilding and adjusting the Quadra-Jet Carburetor.
A Well-Built Quadrajet Is Just the Thing for CHP's Z28
Interesting QJ Tuning Gotcha

Various Links (unsorted)

Bill Henneberg wrote to tell me about Hemmings Inner Workings Part 2 Thanks Bill!
Hemmings Inner Workings Part 1
   Local Copy
Mercruiser Service Bulletin 93-15
  Local Copy
Jet selection for a boat***DEAD***
  WAIT back to life thanks to google cache
NEW Here is a link to a post I made on rebushing the throttle body.
Quadrajet Leak Fix (fla4x4 note: jb weld DOES NOT work!!)
My Quadrajet Tips
The Rochester Files
R51, R51G, R52, R55
Rochester Carbs
Carburetor Upgrades
Edelbrock Q-Jet Carburetor Accessories
Q-jet Secondary Air Valve tuning tip
Monte Carlo: HOWTO - Adjusting the Q-jet idle
Q-jet/DualJet Primary Metering Rods
Rochester Quadrajet Manual - The Old Car Manual Project
Qjet tuning
LeadFoot's Rochester Identity Guide
Carburetor Upgrades
Carburetor Links
Quadrajet install
Olds FAQ -- Rebuilding
Monte Carlo SS Technical Information
The Ultimate Carb Shootout
Tech Documents
Bobs Q-jet Page
Index of /~k0xp/Oldsmobile/QJet
Q-Jet carb overview
QuadraJet carb Rebuild
Jets and Metering Rods
Rebuild Procedure
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